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The FastTrack system is intended to provide a one-click entry into a DreamFactory%trade; instance.

Calling this endpoint performs the following operations:

  1. Validates the request
  2. A DFE Dashboard user is created with the provided information
  3. An instance is created named using a portion of the email address
  4. The instance is initialized and the database is created
  5. An instance admin is created on the new instance
  6. The instance admin is logged in and the browser is redirected to the new instance

How to use FastTrack

You must call FastTrack with an HTTP POST with a JSON payload.

The Endpoint

The FastTrack endpoint depends on the domain name of the installation. We'll use<f/code> as our example installation.

The endpoint to call for this installation is <code>

The Payload

The payload may contain the following properties:

  "redirect":   true|false,
  "email":      "[email protected]",
  "first-name": "Joe",
  "last-name":  "Blow",
  "password":   "gratePassW0rd!",
  "nickname":   "Joe",
  "company":    "",
  "phone":      ""

All fields are required except redirect, company, nickname and phone.

If the process is successful and redirect is true, the response will be a 302 HTTP redirect directly to the newly launched instance. Otherwise, a standard DFE Console API response will be returned. Responses are detailed in the following sections.

Success Response

    "success":     true,
    "status_code": 200,
    "response": {
        "user": {
            "id": 123,
        "instance-id": "joe",
        "instance":    {
            "id": 123
        "instance-initialized": true,
        "instance-admin":       true,
        "redirect":             {
            "location":           "redirect-uri",
            "status-code":        302,
            "payload": {
                "fastTrackGuid":    "new user's registration request GUID"
    request: {
        elapsed:     37.3943,
        id:          "102fb7bff406b58eca8f8499f461f64204f62ba1",
        request-uri: "/fast-track",
        signature:   "oofbIbnrWJq04/+4/K/q9eyDzB71UxZ19huyaDVfbMA=",
        start:       "2016-02-25T16:32:08-05:00",
        verb:        "POST"
        version:     "2.0"

Error Response

    success:     false,
    status_code: 400|404|500,
    error: {
        code:    400|404|500,
        message: "I am an error message"
    response: null,
    request: {
        elapsed:     0.1109,
        id:          "664d18cd422c5968f603f8fe8f928524220b5855",
        request-uri: "/fast-track",
        signature:   "noERPor0Lg76mXDWJ1gsmisueBL5psl6fszpsuqE98A=",
        start:       "2016-02-25T16:21:25-05:00",
        verb:        "POST"
        version:     "2.0"