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    1. Admin Console

The Admin Console is the app used to configure your DreamFactory instance. Users with the 'Admin' role have full access to the DreamFactory system. They have access privileges to set up applications, users, other admins, roles, services (APIs), schema, data, files, scripts, configuration settings, and packages.


See [this video]( for an overview of the Admin Console.

      1. Skinning the Admin Console

You can easily "skin" the Admin Console with your own custom colors and logo. To do so, follow the instructions below.

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    1. Launchpad

The LaunchPad is the app for non-Admins to access their applications from a single start page. Launchpad is useful for launching web-based applications from one place.

After logging in, users view a list of applications they can launch based on their role. Clicking an application opens the app in a new browser tab.


    1. File Manager

The file manager is a simple application for managing files and folders stored on local and remote file systems (for example Amazon S3).


    1. Live API Documentation (Swagger)

Live API Documentation is a standalone application (Swagger) that documents REST Services configured in DreamFactory. Non-Admins can access Live API Documentation if granted role access.