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DynamoDB is a NoSQL database offered by Amazon Web Services.

Common Feature Exceptions

  • DynamoDB, like most NoSQL database, doesn't have defined schema for each tables, except the key setup which is always there in every table and created by default. Therefore, the _schema resource doesn't support field level operations.
  • While DreamFactory supplies a SQL-like filter string conversion to DynamoDB native filter language, the service also supports the native filter language represented as a JSON string.


  • Requires 'dreamfactory/df-aws package, which is installed by default in most DreamFactory installs.


  • key - String. Required. An AWS account root or IAM Access Key ID.
  • secret - String. Required. An AWS account root or IAM Secret Access Key.
  • region - Picklist of Strings. Optional. Selected region to be accessed by this service connection.
    • US EAST (N Virgina) - "us-east-1"
    • US WEST (N California) - "us-west-1"
    • US WEST (Oregon) - "us-west-2"
    • EU (Ireland) - "eu-west-1"
    • EU (Frankfurt) - "eu-central-1"
    • Asia Pacific (Singapore) - "ap-southeast-1"
    • Asia Pacific (Sydney) - "ap-southeast-2"
    • Asia Pacific (Tokyo) - "ap-northeast-1"
    • South America (Sao Paulo) - "sa-east-1"