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# Install MariaDB using Homebrew
# Install MariaDB using Homebrew
#* <source lang="bash">$ brew install mariadb</source>
#* <source lang="bash">$ brew install mariadb</source>
# Start the MariaDB service and set it to run on boot
#* <source lang="bash">$ brew services start mariadb</source>
==== Setup ====
==== Setup ====

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DreamFactory requires certain applications for install and other functionality.

  1. git, curl, zip, and unzip are installed automatically with OS X 10.11
  2. Install Homebrew
    • $ /usr/bin/ruby -e "$(curl -fsSL"


These instructions will install PHP 7 with various modules. DreamFactory requires the mbstring, zip, curl, mongodb, and sqlite3 php modules. Additionally php-fpm is installed if you will be running Nginx as your web server (recommended.) Finally, the mysql php module needs to be installed if you will be using MySQL or MariadDB, which these instructions recommend for the system database. Other database types will require their php modules to be installed for use within DreamFactory. This is covered in the Drivers and Modules section.

Install for Apache

Install for Nginx


  1. Install PHP and default modules with Brew
    • $ brew install php70 --with-fpm --with-pear
    • $ brew install php70-mongodb
    • $ brew services start php70

Configure PHP FPM


Composer is a PHP dependency manager and is required for installing DreamFactory.

  1. Install Composer using Homebrew
    • $ brew install composer


You'll need a database for the system to store configuration information. We recommend MariaDB for this. Other supported system databases are SQLite, PostgreSQL, and Microsoft SQL.



  1. Install MariaDB using Homebrew
    • $ brew install mariadb
  2. Start the MariaDB service and set it to run on boot
    • $ brew services start mariadb



Installing DreamFactory involves getting the required code via git and composer and then using the Laravel artisan command to set up the system. In these instructions, we will assume you are logged in as a user named dfuser. Anywhere you see this username substitute your own.

Web Server

DreamFactory relies on a web server application to serve the REST endpoints as well as the admin application to users. Options are Nginx and Apache.