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DreamFactoryRelease Notes

Version 2.1.2 (Released April 26)

  • Redesigned Packaging feature, including new system/package API and artisan commands for import and export.
  • Data Mesh feature now supports SQL to MongoDB virtual relationships.
  • Added Redis and Memcached config options to dreamfactory:setup command
  • Added Memcached config values in environment
  • Updated dreamfactory:import-pkg command to use new package
  • Updating initial setup to import any packages available
  • Handling file stream output using StreamedResponse
  • Added artisan dreamfactory:config-hhvm command to create hhvm config file
  • Basic support for www-form-urlencoded payload in API requests
  • Cleanup service providers
  • Add rewrite rule to allow basic auth on AWS cloud and VM.

Version 2.1.1 (Released March 15)

  • Upgraded Laravel framework to 5.2
  • Enhanced setup command
  • Now allowing login with JWT passed as URL parameter
  • Added log level support, see DF_LOG_LEVEL in .env-dist for options
  • Enhanced logging includes REQUEST and RESPONSE under log level INFO.
  • New and improved File Manager application is now loaded from a composer-controlled repo
  • API Docs (aka Swagger UI) updated for spec validation.
  • Added extra server side and client side information on the config tab of admin app.
  • Angular 2 and ReactJS sample apps added to listing in admin app.
  • Updated Node.js scripting to support callbacks in scripts and log all console.log output to DreamFactory's log.
  • Support non-DreamFactory (<dfapi>) XML wrapper on incoming data.
  • Support for simplified DB filter operators "contains", "starts with" and "ends with"
  • Lookups now supported in scripts. Lookup notations (i.e. {lookup_name}) get replaced before script is run.
  • Lookups now supported in parameters for SQL DB stored procedures.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented private lookup keys to be used in service credentials.
  • Better support for spaces in database column names.
  • API Docs for file services path root operations, adding back POST,PUT,PATCH,DELETE.
  • Fixed support for SQLite as server database.
  • Support for SQL Server legacy image type.
  • Fixed a cache reset issue on user-app-role assignment.
  • Updated AWS SDK version and support to latest 3.* release.

Version 2.1.0 (Released January 29, 2016, Retagged February 9, 2016 due to dependency issues)

Note: This release includes some breaking changes, not in the API itself, but with Live API Documentation (i.e. Swagger)!

  • Upgraded usage of OpenAPI Specification (fka Swagger) to 2.0 from 1.2. Prior service configuration (i.e. for remote web services) or client dependencies (old swagger-based SDKs) on the previously used 1.2 specification are not compatible and must be changed to comply with the 2.0 specification.
  • Swagger UI (supporting 2.0 spec) now included as an application and referenced in Admin application.
  • API Doc (i.e. Swagger UI) view is now Role-based, meaning that the view is based on the allowed services for that Role.
  • Event Scripting post-process scripts, and custom scripting services (V8Js, NodeJs, and PHP) now can utilize a "event.response" object that allows for custom status code and content type settings directly from script. Using the old-style "return" statements to return data still works and defaults to status code 200 as before.
  • Event Scripting now supported for File Services and Remote Web Services.
  • XML to JSON content conversion now handles namespaces (i.e. singular namespaces are used to pull data into JSON format).
  • Fixed bugs with configuration of Email services.
  • Fixed bugs for manipulating request content and parameters in pre-process scripts.
  • Fixed handling for database "read-only" fields like SQL Server rowversion.
  • SQL Server now supported as an option for the system database.

Version 2.0.3 (Released December 22, 2015)

  • Updating composer to allow PHP >= 5.5, i.e. PHP 7.0 tested and working!
  • Laravel Homestead configuration setup now part of install for quick testing.
  • Added ability to update related records on virtual foreign relationships for same or different SQL DB
  • Added alias editing via Admin console for Schema relationships
  • Fixed PostgreSQL, SQL Anywhere and Oracle databases issues with table names
  • Fixed API DB max records return limit usage
  • Fixed several DB filtering issues
  • Remove loading of lodash by default on V8js scripting, use require() instead if desired
  • Fix stored procedure on MySQL issue when no data sets returned
  • Fixing CORS config entries when using SQLite as system database
  • Added 'computer' resource for AD/LDAP services
  • Added LinkedIn OAuth 2.0 support

Version 2.0.2 (Released November 30, 2015)

  • Added ability to create virtual foreign keys across two tables on same or different SQL DB
  • Added aliases for virtual fields and relationships
  • Added ability to create virtual fields for db-supported functions, e.g., concat(field1, field2)
  • Added ability to create virtual fields for aggregation by field name
  • Added support for assigning AD users to DreamFactory roles based on AD group assignments

For details please see the relevant change logs on GitHub.

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