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Topics in this section include:
Topics in this section include:
== Using the REST API ==
=== Upgrading your app ===
* [[DreamFactory/Tutorials/Upgrading_Your_App|Upgrading your app from 1.x]]
=== Users ===
* [[DreamFactory/Tutorials/Creating users|Creating users]]
* [[DreamFactory/Tutorials/Logging in|Logging in]]
* [[DreamFactory/Tutorials/Logging out|Logging out]]
* [[DreamFactory/Tutorials/Open Registration|Open registration]]
* [[DreamFactory/Tutorials/Confirming New User|Confirming new users]]
* [[DreamFactory/Tutorials/Setting_up_guest_access | Setting up guest access]]
* [[DreamFactory/Tutorials/Basic Auth|Basic auth]]
* [[DreamFactory/Tutorials/Access Using API Key|Access using API key]]
* [[DreamFactory/Tutorials/Access Using JWT|Access using JWT]]
* [[DreamFactory/Tutorials/Access Using JWT and API Key|Access using JWT and API key]]
* [[DreamFactory/Tutorials/Refreshing a JWT|Refreshing a JWT]]
* [[DreamFactory/Tutorials/Forever_sessions|Forever sessions]]
* [[DreamFactory/Tutorials/Using Forever Session|Using forever sessions]]
=== SQL and NoSQL Data ===
* [[DreamFactory/Tutorials/Querying records with logical filters|Querying records with logical filters]]
* [[DreamFactory/Tutorials/Querying records with an ID list|Querying records with an ID list]]
* [[DreamFactory/Tutorials/Querying for a single record by ID|Querying for a single record by ID]]
* [[DreamFactory/Tutorials/Querying records in a date range|Querying records in a date range]]
* [[DreamFactory/Tutorials/Specifying fields|Specifying fields]]
* [[DreamFactory/Tutorials/Sorting records|Sorting records]]
* [[DreamFactory/Tutorials/Paginating with limits and offsets|Paginating records with limits and offsets]]
* [[DreamFactory/Tutorials/Posting records|Posting records]]
* [[DreamFactory/Tutorials/Updating records|Updating records]]
* [[DreamFactory/Tutorials/Deleting records|Deleting records]]
=== SQL-Specific Data ===
* [[DreamFactory/Tutorials/Querying multiple tables with joins|Querying multiple tables with joins]]
* [[DreamFactory/Tutorials/Posting data to multiple tables with joins|Posting data to multiple tables with joins]]
* [[DreamFactory/Tutorials/Using virtual foreign keys|Combining data from unrelated tables and databases with virtual foreign keys]]
* [[DreamFactory/Tutorials/Using field aliases|Using field aliases]]
* [[DreamFactory/Tutorials/Using calculated fields|Using calculated fields]]
* [[DreamFactory/Tutorials/Querying SQL views|Querying SQL views]]
* [[DreamFactory/Tutorials/Querying stored procedures|Calling stored procedures]]
* [[DreamFactory/Tutorials/Calling SQL functions|Calling SQL functions]]
=== Files ===
* [[DreamFactory/Tutorials/Uploading File|Uploading file]]
* [[DreamFactory/Tutorials/Downloading File|Downloading file]]
* [[DreamFactory/Tutorials/Deleting File|Deleting file]]
* [[DreamFactory/Tutorials/Adding a text file|Adding a text file]]
=== Email ===
* [[DreamFactory/Tutorials/Sending Email|Sending email]]
=== Push Notifications ===
* [[DreamFactory/Tutorials/Sending_Push_Notifications|Sending push notifications]]
=== Remote Web Services (REST) ===
* [[DreamFactory/Tutorials/Edmunds_API|Edmunds API]]
* [[DreamFactory/Tutorials/Rotten_Tomatoes_API|Rotten Tomatoes API]]
=== SOAP Services ===
* [[DreamFactory/Tutorials/Temp_Conversion_SOAP_API|Temperature Conversion SOAP API]]
== Scripting ==
== Scripting ==

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This section consists of short, example-based tutorials for the most common DreamFactory use cases.

Topics in this section include:


V8 Javascript




User Management & Security Settings

Role-Based Access Control

Single Sign On

Active Directory


Configuration Settings