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DreamFactoryTutorialsAccessing SQL tables
      1. Tutorial

Setting up role-based access to SQL tables.

      1. Background

Roles govern HTTP access to the REST API endpoints in DreamFactory. When you [set up a SQL database]( in the 'Services' tab, no tables are accessible by default (unless you are a DreamFactory Admin).

You can expose table access by setting up user roles and granting access to specific SQL tables.

      1. Example - Grant SQL table access for a role.

1. Log into the DreamFactory admin console as an Admin. 2. Click on 'Roles' > 'Create'. 3. In the 'Access' tab, select your SQL database API for 'Service', the table for 'Component', HTTP verbs for


      1. Example - Create a new role with the REST API

You can operate on roles directly with the API. Click on API docs and view the 'System' API calls.