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DreamFactoryTutorialsAccessing SQL tables
      1. Tutorial

Setting up role-based access to SQL tables.

      1. Background

Roles govern HTTP access to the REST API endpoints in DreamFactory. When you [set up a SQL database]( in the 'Services' tab, no tables are accessible by default (unless you are a DreamFactory Admin).

You can expose table access by setting up user roles and granting access to specific SQL tables for each role.

      1. Example - Grant SQL table access for a role.

1. Log into the DreamFactory admin console as an Admin. 2. Click on 'Roles' > 'Create'. 3. In the 'Access' tab, select your SQL database API for 'Service', the table name for 'Component', HTTP verbs for 'Access', and API for 'Requestor'. Repeat for each table you are exposing to this role.

Note: You can also allow script-only access to tables. This allows you to grant access to a table by server-side scripts invoked by the API call, while not exposing direct access to the table by the API itself.


      1. Example - Create a new role with the REST API

You can operate on roles directly with the API. Click on API docs and view the 'System' API calls.