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DreamFactoryTutorialsAccessing push notifications
      1. Tutorial

Setting up role-based access to push notifications.

      1. Background

Roles govern HTTP access to the REST API endpoints in DreamFactory. When you set up access to a push notification service in the 'Services' tab, no push notification endpoints are accessible by default (unless you are a DreamFactory Admin).

You can give access to push notification service by following the example below. Note that Amazon SNS is currently supported. More push notification services will be supported in the future.

      1. Example - Enable HTTP access to Amazon SNS.

1. Log into the DreamFactory admin console as an Admin. 2. Click on 'Roles' > 'Create'. 3. In the 'Access' tab, select SNS for 'Service' (or whatever name you gave to your SNS connection in the Services tab), * for 'Component' (* simply denotes access to all SNS endpoints), HTTP verbs for 'Access', and API for 'Requestor'.