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[[DreamFactory/Tutorials/Edmunds_API|Example for Edmunds API]]   
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[[DreamFactory/Tutorials/Rotten_Tomatoes_API|Example for Rotten Tomatoes API]]
*[[DreamFactory/Tutorials/Edmunds_API|Example for Edmunds API]]   
*[[DreamFactory/Tutorials/Rotten_Tomatoes_API|Example for Rotten Tomatoes API]]

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Remote Web Service (anything with a REST API)

To connect to a remote web service, follow these steps.

  • Go to the Services tab in the admin console.
  • Click Create.
  • Set the Service Type to 'Remote Web Service.'
  • Enter a name and label for the service. Name will be part of the URL for accessing the service via the REST API.
  • Go to the Config tab for the new service.
  • Enter the base URL for the service.
  • Enter any additional CURL settings to use when making remote web service requests.
  • Enter any query parameters. If parameter is passed from client to DreamFactory, checking Exclude will prevent the parameter from being sent to the service. Checking Outbound will add the parameter before DreamFactory calls the service.
  • Enter any headers. If header is sent from client to DreamFactory, checking Pass from Client will cause header to be sent to service. If Pass from Client is not checked the header will be added before being sent to service.
  • Click Create Service to save your new service.

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