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This tutorial shows how to configure a remote web service to connect to the Edmunds.com API. It shows how to pass parameters like API keys and format options to the remote service. The ones in this example are specific to the Edmunds API, but many APIs have similar concepts.

Create the Remote Web Service

In the admin console, go to the Services tab and click Create. Set the Service Type to 'Remote Web Service'. Set the service name to 'edmunds'. Set the service label to 'Edmunds API'. Go to the Config tab for the new service and set the Base URL to ```https://api.edmunds.com/api/vehicle/v2/```. Click the '+' button under Parameters to add a new parameter. Set the name to 'fmt' and the value to 'json'. Check the 'Outbound' checkbox so that your DreamFactory instance will pass the parameter through to the Edmunds service. Select all verbs so that the parameter is sent to Edmunds API for all requests. Add a second parameter. Set the name to 'api_key' and the value to your API key issued from the Edmunds.com developer portal. Check the 'Outbound' checkbox and all verbs. Click Create Service to save your new service.

Call the Remote Web Service