Importing Groups as Roles

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DreamFactoryTutorialsImporting Groups as Roles
      1. Tutorial

DreamFactory Active Directory service lets you import your Active Directory Groups as Roles.

_Note: If you are looking for information on Active Directory authentication then please see [this](DreamFactory/Tutorials/Using_Active_Directory)._

This tutorial focuses on Active Directory Group import using an existing DreamFactory Active Directory service. To learn how to setup an Active Directory service see [Using Active Directory](DreamFactory/Tutorials/Using_Active_Directory).

      1. Import Command

You can import your Active Directory Groups using the DreamFactory command line utility.

php artisan dreamfactory:ad-group-import <service_name> --username[=USERNAME] --password[=PASSWORD]
      1. Example
  • Service name: demo
  • Username: jdoe
  • Password: secret
php artisan dreamfactory:ad-group-import demo --username=jdoe --password=secret