Importing Groups as Roles

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DreamFactoryTutorialsImporting Groups as Roles


DreamFactory Active Directory service lets you import your Active Directory Groups as Roles.

Note: If you are looking for information on Active Directory authentication, see Using Active Directory.

This tutorial focuses on Active Directory Group import using an existing DreamFactory Active Directory service. To learn how to set up an Active Directory service see Using Active Directory.

Import Command

You can import your Active Directory Groups using the DreamFactory command line utility.

php artisan df:ad-group-import <service_name> --username[=USERNAME] --password[=PASSWORD]

Username and Password are optional. They are not required when you provision your Active Directory service with a username and password.

Example - With Username and Password

php artisan df:ad-group-import demo --username=jdoe --password=secret
  • Service name: demo
  • Username: jdoe
  • Password: secret

Example - Without Username and Password (Requires username and password in service definition)

php artisan dreamfactory:ad-group-import demo
  • Service name: demo