Logging out

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      1. Tutorial

There are two APIs available for logging out of an authenticated session -

  • DELETE api/v2/system/admin/session
  • DELETE api/v2/user/session
      1. API Endpoints
DELETE https://{url}/api/v2/system/admin/session?session_token={jwt_session_token_to_blacklist}

-- OR --

DELETE https://{url}/api/v2/user/session?session_token={jwt_session_token_to_blacklist}

> _Note: Session token can also be supplied using X-DreamFactory-Session-Token request header._

      1. Example - Logging out
  • Session Token: abc.123.efg
DELETE https://foo.com/api/v2/system/admin/session?session_token=abc.123.efg

-- OR --

DELETE https://foo.com/api/v2/user/session?session_token=abc.123.efg