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This script runs after a GET on db/_table/contact. For each record in the response, it queries MongoDB to get another field, the twitter handle for the contact. It adds that to the response as a field named 'from_mongo_twitter'. For this change to take effect, you have to enable modification of response in the Admin Console script editor. Check the box 'Allow script to modify request (pre-process) or response (post-process)'.

$content = $event['response']['content'];
$api = $platform['api'];
$get = $api->get;

if (isset($content['resource']) && !empty($content['resource'])) {

    foreach($content['resource'] as $k => $record){
        // filter by email
        $params = [
               'filter' => 'email=' . $record['email']

        // get matching record from MongoDB service
        $result = $get('mongodb/_table/contact', $params);

        // from_mongo_twitter can be a field in MySQL schema, but it doesn't have to be                
        $record['from_mongo_twitter'] = $result['content']['resource'][0]['twitter'];
        $event['response']['content']['resource'][$k] = $record;