Querying records with logical filters

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DreamFactoryTutorialsQuerying records with logical filters
      1. Lesson

Learn how to query a SQL or NoSQL database by appending filter strings into a REST API call.

      1. Supported SQL Databases
  • PostgreSQL
  • MySQL
  • SQLite
  • SQLite 2
  • MS SQL Server
  • Sybase
  • Oracle
  • IBM DB2
      1. Supported NoSQL Databases
  • MongoDB
  • CouchDB
  • DynamoDB
  • Azure Tables
      1. Examples

1. Fetch Contact records whose last name starts with the letter 'Y'

Table name: contact Filter parameter in API call: last_name like Y% API call: http://your-url/api/v2/db/_table/contact?filter=last_name%20like%20Y%25