Setting up user roles

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DreamFactoryTutorialsSetting up user roles
      1. Tutorial

Set up a user role.

      1. Background

Roles govern HTTP access to the REST API endpoints in DreamFactory. When an end user authenticates and receives a JWT token, her role determines what API endpoints she can access.

Roles tie together end users, applications, and services (REST API endpoints) in DreamFactory. More specifically, end users are associated with roles, and roles are associated with both applications and services (REST API endpoints). This data model grants explicit end user access to services in the context of specific applications.

Applications in DreamFactory can have multiple roles. For example, your application might have different classes of users (i.e. user roles) with different API permissions. Applications can also have a default role, which specifies public API access. For example, you might expose some API endpoints without requiring any authentication.

Likewise, end users can have multiple roles. For example, end user John Doe might have different API permissions for different applications.

      1. Example - Create a new role in the DreamFactory admin console

1. Log into the DreamFactory admin console as an Admin. 2. Click on 'Roles' > 'Create' 3. Fill out role information, service access, and lookup keys (optional). Click to create the role.


      1. Example - Create a new role with the REST API

You can operate on roles directly with the API. Click on API docs and view the 'System' API calls.