Temp Conversion SOAP API

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DreamFactoryTutorialsTemp Conversion SOAP API

This tutorial shows how to configure a SOAP service with an example of a public temperature conversion WSDL. This example shows how to connect to a SOAP Service and demonstrates how DreamFactory can automatically wrap any SOAP WSDL with REST.

Create the SOAP Service

  • In the admin console, go to the Services tab and click Create.
  • Set the Service Type to 'SOAP Service'.
  • Set the service name to 'temp'. This will be part of the URL when you call the service.
  • Set the label to ‘Temperature’.
  • Click the Config tab and enter the WSDL URI for the SOAP service. Set it to 'http://www.w3schools.com/xml/tempconvert.asmx?WSDL'.
  • Click Create Service to save your new service.

Call the SOAP Service