V8 field level security

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DreamFactoryTutorialsV8 field level security

Count usage of a particular service, saving history in a database table. Each time a GET call is made on an API endpoint, write the transaction details to a 'TransactionHistory' table. Record the username, application key, and timestamp.

// Always remove some fields depending on the current role. API call returns 'social_security_number' and 'date_of_birth' from the database. Before returning JSON content to the client, remove tax_identifier and date_of_birth.
// get.post_process
var lodash = require('lodash.min.js');
lodash._.each(event.response.content.resource, function (record) {
    if (record.tax_identifier) {
        delete record.tax_identifier;
    if (record.date_of_birth) {
        delete record.date_of_birth;