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* [[DFE/Installation|Installing DFE]]
* [[DFE/Installation|Installing DFE]]
* [[DFE/Configuration|Configuring DFE]]
* [[DFE/Configuration|Configuring DFE]]
* [[DFE/Reports|Configuring Reports]]
* [[DFE/Console|Admin Console]]
* [[DFE/Console|Admin Console]]
  * [[DFE/Console/REST|Controlling the Console via REST]]
  * [[DFE/Console/REST|Controlling the Console via REST]]

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This site is the central document repository for all things DreamFactory! The documentation on this site is geared towards developers and engineers. For additional information, visit the [DreamFactory Website](http://www.dreamfactory.com), read the [DreamFactory Blog](http://blog.dreamfactory.com/), or ask technical questions at the [Community Forum](http://community.dreamfactory.com/).

DreamFactory software is available in two distinct products, a standalone platform, henceforth referred to as "DreamFactory" (or a "DreamFactory instance"), or an enterprise-level management system able to provision, manage, and report on multiple DreamFactory instances. This product is referred to as "DreamFactory Enterprise".

    1. DreamFactory

DreamFactory is a free, open source RESTful back-end integration platform. It enables developers to connect to any data source and instantly get a full palette of secure, reliable, and customizable REST APIs for their projects. DreamFactory also provides granular security controls, advanced scripting and customization, live API documentation, and client SDK interfaces for iOS, Android, and popular HTML5 and JavaScript frameworks. DreamFactory is built to run on any server, on premise or in the cloud.

For more information, follow the links below:

    1. DreamFactory Enterprise

Multi-tenant instance-visor for DreamFactory.

* Mounts
* Servers
* Clusters
* Instances
* Controlling the Console via REST