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In common.config.php there are a few configuration options. These are shown in the snippet below:

//* Marketing
'marketing.lead-endpoint'    => '',
'marketing.blacklist'        => array('[email protected]', '[email protected]', '[email protected]',),
/** Installation sources */
'marketing.install-sources'  => array(
     * Format: [ "<hubspot_id>" => "<pattern>", ... ]
     * Pattern is used in stripos comparison of "installation_source" and/or "client_referrer"
    'bitnami'       => 'bitnami',
    'standalone'    => 'standalone',
    'deb'           => 'deb',
    'rpm'           => 'rpm',
    'html5landing'  => '/html5landing',
    'nativelanding' => '/nativelanding',

The options are used to control where on HubSpot the contact is posted and which emails to exclude. There is an additional install source translation that is attempted via pattern matching. The patterns to match, and their associated installation_source value are in the install-sources config array.


Set your content type to application/json and POST your payload.


In order to make this call, a valid user id is required. For this purpose, use the constant value 5 for user_id:

Property Type Description
user_id integer Set this to 5 for all requests

Then add the following properties (as necessary) to your payload:

Property Type Description
new_contact boolean Contact is new
delete_contact boolean Contact will be opted-out of all lists
welcome_registration boolean Was from an optional Welcome page
welcome_skipped boolean Optional Welcome page was skipped
registration_skipped boolean Registration was skipped
name string User name/full name (not email)
first_name string First name
last_name string Last name
email string Email address
phone_number string Phone number
company_name string Company name
title string Title
address_1 string Address 1
address_2 string Address 2
city string City
state_province string State/Province
zip_postal_code string Zip/Postal code
installation_source string A string indicating the source of the installation (i.e. Bitnami, GitHub, etc.). See InstallTypes enum!
client_cookie_hubspotutk string The client’s client hubspotutk cookie, if any
client_remote_addr string The client’s client $_SERVER['REMOTE_ADDR']
client_request_uri string The client’s client $_SERVER['REQUEST_URI']
client_referrer string The client’s client $_SERVER['HTTP_REFERER']
created string Creation date
last_login string Last login date
timezone integer Time zone. Defaults to 0

The following properties are inferred by the payload and passed on to HubSpot:

Property Type Description
mobile_lead boolean Calculated
local_installation boolean Calculated
local_installation_skipped boolean Calculated
website_lead_source string Calculated
hs_email_optout string Calculated