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This module will allow you to access Oracle databases. These instructions assumes you are installing with the latest Oracle instant client (12.1) which is backwards compatible to Oracle 10. If you need compatibility back to Oracle 9, use the 11.2 instant client files from Oracle, and adjust the filenames in the instructions accordingly.


  • You will need the following items from your package manager (linux)
    • PHP Pear and PHP Dev (for PECL)
    • Development tools / (e.g. Build Essential tools)
    • libaio1
  • For Windows you will just need an oci8 dll file from PHP PECL (or from Bitnami)
  • Oracle Instant Client Files
    • Download the basic and sdk instant client files: Oracle Instant Client Downloads
    • Example Filenames:

Driver Install

  • In Linux you will need to use PECL to build the oci8 module, pointing to the unzipped instant client files as the library. Then enable the module in PHP.
  • In Windows you will need to add the unzipped instant client files to your PATH variable and restart the machine. Then enable the module in PHP.

For concrete examples, see the Ubuntu 16.04 instructions or the Bitnami Windows instructions.