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Bitnami Windows Install

Note: These instructions are applicable for DreamFactory 2.1.0-4 and older. Starting in DreamFactory 2.1.1 you will need to use Oracle Instant Client 12

  • Download the Oracle Instant Client here
    • You will need to download the appropriate version for your version of Oracle (i.e Instant Client 11 goes with Oracle 11g server.)
    • Since the Windows Bitnami stack is only 32-bit you need to download the 32-bit instant client
    • You will also need an Oracle login for this (free registration.)
  • Extract the zip file to your preferred location, such as C:\instantclient_11_2
  • Edit the php.ini file (C:\Bitnami\dreamfactory-x.x.x-x\php\php.ini)
    • Uncomment (remove the semicolon) from the line that says
    • For Oracle Instant Client 12, the line will be denoted with a comment indicating it requires uncommenting
      ;extension=php_oci8_12c.dll  ; Use with Oracle Database 12c Instant Client
  • Edit your PATH variable.
    • Go to Control Panel->System->Advanced System Settings
    • Click on Environment Variables
    • Under System variables, double click on Path.
    • At the end of the Variable value, add the path to the instant client directory (see above.) Use a semicolon to separate this new entry from the current last entry.
  • Restart the system== Driver ==

This module will allow you to access Oracle databases. These instructions assumes you are installing with the latest Oracle instant client (12.1) which is backwards compatible to Oracle 10. If you need compatibility back to Oracle 9, use the 11.2 instant client files from Oracle, and adjust the filenames in the instructions accordingly.