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CouchDB is a NoSQL database offered by Apache.

Common Feature Exceptions

  • CouchDB, like most NoSQL database, doesn't have defined schema for each table's rows, except the key setup which is always there in every table and created by default. Therefore, the _schema resource doesn't support field level operations.
  • CouchDB has no native filter language. Therefore, DreamFactory filtering doesn't work, and the client must use the native "views" provided by CouchDB.


  • Requires dreamfactory/df-couchdb package, which is installed by default in most DreamFactory installs.


  • dsn - String. Required. The connection string for the service, i.e. http://username:[email protected]:5984/db. The username, password, and db values can be added in the connection string or in the options below.
  • options - Object/Associative Array. Optional. An array of options for the connection, like db.