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Note: Currently DreamFactory only supports the accounts, not the BitBucket Server accounts.

Here are some instructions to get up and running with BitBucket:

Create your BitBucket Account and add in a repository from your GitHub account or create one. There are plenty of tutorials online on how to do that. See the bottom of this wiki entry for a list of some resources.

  • You can see the view of the repo here:
BitBucket repository

  • Set your BitBucket permissions if you need to lock down any branches, etc. Again there are tutorials and docs online that can help sort that out for you.
BitBucket Permissions

  • Set up your service as you would any other new service. Scroll down on the drop-down menu to Source Control and select BitBucket:
BitBucket Service
  • Addin your corresponding config details and save the service. Make sure it is set to active (this is checked by default, but always good to double check):
BitBucket Service Config
  • Migrate over to the API Docs tab and click on the new service you just created, in this case, mine is called BitBucket:
BitBucket API Docs
  • Make a call to test:
API Docs Get Call

You should see a 200 response and a listing of the resources. You can now create script files and connect them to other services and data sources to modify your request and response data with the pre and post scripting options. Please see our scripting tutorials for more information.

Additional Resources