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DreamFactoryFeaturesSystem Resources

Each instance requires at least one SQL database connection for system storage. In most pre-built packages, this is connected to a local MySQL (or equivalent) database running on the same server as the instance, although other connections could be used simply by changing the appropriate database configuration file. This SQL connection is used by the application internally and exposed via the REST API as the 'system' service.

Below is a list of system resources available on the typical DreamFactory instance and available from the api/v2/system/<resource_name> API endpoint.

  • admin - System administrators, i.e. users with full admin privileges.
  • cache - Access to delete/flush cache for the whole system or per-service.
  • config - System-wide configuration options.
  • constant - Read-only access to some of the system's defined constant values.
  • cors -
  • email_template -
  • environment -
  • event -
  • lookup -
  • role -
  • service -
  • service_type -
  • script_type -
  • app -
  • app_group -
  • custom -
  • package -
  • user -