Oracle DB

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    1. Drivers
        1. Windows (Bitnami)
  • Download the Oracle Instant Client [here](
    • You will need to download the appropriate version for your version of Oracle (i.e Instant Client 11 goes with Oracle 11g server.)
    • You will also need an Oracle login for this (free registration.)
  • Extract the zip file to your preferred location, such as
  • Edit the php.ini file (
    • Uncomment (remove the semicolon) from the line that says
  • Edit your PATH variable.
    • Go to Control Panel->System->Advanced System Settings
    • Click on Environment Variables
    • Under System variables, double click on Path.
    • At the end of the Variable value, add the path to the instant client directory (see above.) Use a semicolon to separate this new entry from the current last entry.
  • Restart the system
        1. Linux
          1. Bitnami Linux Install
          2. Manual Install from Github on Linux