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DreamFactoryTutorialsNode push notification

This script uses a pre-configured push notification service to send notifications when new records are created.

// To enable Node.js scripting, set the path to node in your DreamFactory .env file.
// This setting is commented out by default.
// DF_NODEJS_PATH=/usr/local/bin/node
// Use npm to install any dependencies. This script requires 'lodash' and 'request'.
// Your scripts can call console.log to dump info to the log file in storage/logs.
// POST /api/v2/db/_table/todo triggers script
// This script runs AFTER records are written to the db.
// records are in array event.request.payload.resource.
var lodash = require("lodash");
var request = require("request");
if (event.request.payload.resource) {
    lodash._.each(event.request.payload.resource, function( record ) {
		var msg = {
			"Message": {
				"default": "A new Todo named '" + + "' was just created!"
			"Subject": "New Todo Created"
		// service name is 'push', push to SNS topic by name
		var result ="push/topic/642246745556:test_topic", msg);
		// output result to storage/logs/dreamfactory.log