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DreamFactory engineers wrote the world's first service-based applications over a decade ago. We worked with XML-RPC in 1998, SOAP in 2002, and REST and JSON in 2004. As the technology behind web services matured, we started writing applications for various partner platforms, including the first AppExchange application DreamTeam in 2006. We have also published on the Intuit Partner Platform, Cisco Webex Connect, Amazon Web Services, and Microsoft Azure. Today, DreamFactory applications are used by over twenty thousand companies.

By 2009 we were building our own service platforms, and installing them on IaaS clouds, including Amazon and Azure. Our engineering team became familiar with the best practices for creating REST APIs, and how to make a service platform fast, scalable, and secure. With the rise of mobile phones and tablets, we realized that our application development model would be extremely useful for other companies to adopt, but there simply wasn't a great open source REST API platform available anywhere. As a consequence, developers had to write their own integration code by hand, over and over again, often with mixed results.

In 2011 we decided to tackle this problem, and started work on the DreamFactory Services Platform. We launched this exciting new product two years later. DreamFactory transforms any IaaS cloud into a PaaS backend for mobile application development. Our platform incorporates more than a decade of deep experience about how to securely build, deploy, and manage service-based applications in the enterprise. DreamFactory can be installed on any server, connected to any SQL or NoSQL database, and used for developing HTML5 or native mobile applications. Our technology enables developers to build modern applications for the phone, tablet, or desktop without having to manage server side code and complexity.

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