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Portions the user interface of DreamFactory Enterprise™ are customizable by the end-user.

There are two separate applications that can be customized, or *branded*. These are the DFE Console and Dashboard. DreamFactory, the API engine, has no user interface. The Admin application is provided as an utile example. It can be customized to some degree, but that is, or will be, detailed in the DreamFactory documentation.

    1. Customization Details

All paths described in this customization document are relative to the installation path of the console and dashboard. On a default installation, these are `/var/www/console` and `/var/www/dashboard` respectively. The instructions are identical for both applications.

      1. Themes

The console and dashboard utilize themes from Bootswatch. These are free, public-domain site themes for use with the Bootstrap CSS framework. The authentication pages use the theme **darkly** and the rest of the site uses the **flatly** theme.

The theme to use for the site is set in the `config/dfe.php` in the `common.themes` key. Changing the theme is simple:

1. Download your desired theme from the Bootswatch web site. 2. Place the minimized theme CSS file in the `/vendor/dfe-common/static/bootswatch-3.3.4/` directory. 3. Change the `common.themes.auth` or `` keys to the name of your theme file (without the extension). For instance, the Darkly theme file is called `darkly.min.css`. The `common.themes.auth` config setting is simply `darkly`. 4. Enjoy your new themes.

      1. Login and Registration
        1. Logo Graphic

The logo graphic displayed on the authentication pages (login, registration, and password reset) is a PNG that is 256x256 pixels in size. The CSS (`img.container-logo`) for those pages fix the width at 256px. This means if your replacement image is less than 256px wide it will be stretched.

          1. Via Configuration File Change

To change the logo graphic you can change the file name of the graphic in `config/dfe.php` in the `common.login-splash-image` key. The path to your file should be relative to the installation root and be accessible by the web server user (www-data by default).

          1. Via File Replacement

You may also replace the file `public/vendor/dfe-common/img/logo-dfe.png` with the graphic of your choice. An additional copy of the original logo (and an alternate) is supplied, in case you want to change it back. Just copy the `logo-dfe.png-dist` version over your replacement.

> Depending on your browser and web server settings, the image may not show immediately. Flushing your browser cache should help.

      1. Inside Pages

The inner, non-auth, pages are currently not customizable.