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DreamFactoryAPTUbuntu 16.04Upgrades Ubuntu 16

Upgrading DreamFactory involves getting the required code via git and composer and then using the Laravel artisan command migrate system data and settings. In these instructions, we will assume you are logged in as a user named dfuser. Anywhere you see this username substitute your own. We will also assume your installed dreamfactory in /opt/dreamfactory just like in the Installation instructions.

  1. Perform a Backup
  2. Navigate to the install directory
    • $ cd /opt/dreamfactory
  3. Stash and changes tracked by git
    • $ git stash
  4. Get the latest code
    • $ git checkout master
    • $ git pull origin master
  5. Update composer
    • $ composer self-update
  6. User composer to get dependencies
    • Note for commercial users: Copy your commercial license files into the working directory before running this command.
    • $ composer install --no-dev --ignore-platform-reqs
  7. Migrate the system data
    • $ php artisan migrate --seed
  8. Reset permissions
    • $ sudo chown -R www-data:dfuser storage/ bootstrap/cache/
    • $ sudo chmod -R 2775 storage/ bootstrap/cache/
  9. Clear caches
    • $ php artisan config:clear
    • $ php artisan cache:clear
  10. Log in to your instance in the browser (you may need to refresh/clear browser cache.) Go to the Config tab and confirm the instance was upgraded.