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The [Oracle] service type can connect to local or remote Oracle Database servers.

Common Feature Exceptions


  • PHP extension oci8 is required to be installed or compiled in. Check here for installation help.


  • host - String. Required. The name of the database host, i.e. localhost,, etc.
  • port - Integer. Optional. The number of the database host port, internally defaults to 1521.
  • database - String. Required. The name of the database (aka SID) to connect to on the given server. This can be a lookup key.
  • username - String. Optional. The name of the database user. This can be a lookup key.
  • password - String. Optional. The password for the database user. This can be a lookup key.
  • default_schema_only - Boolean. Defaults to false. Do not include other schemas/databases on this server regardless of permissions given to the supplied credentials.
  • tns - String. Optional. TNS full connection string which overrides all other host, port, etc. settings.
  • protocol - String. Optional. Connection Protocol, internally defaults to TCP.
  • charset - String. Optional. The character set to use for this connection, internally defaults to AL32UTF8.
  • service_name - String. Optional. Optional service name if database (i.e. SID) is not set.
  • options - Object. Optional. A name-value array of driver-specific connection options.
  • attributes - Object. Optional. A key-value array of attributes to be set after connection. For further information, see
  • statements - Array of Strings. Optional. An array of additional SQL statements to run during connection initialization.


If you want to change the default way Date is returned you can change it via adding it to Additional SQL Statements