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The PostgreSQL service type can connect to local or remote PostgreSQL servers.

Common Feature Exceptions


  • PHP extensions pgsql and pdo_pgsql are required to be installed or compiled in. Check here for installation help.


  • host - String. Required. The name of the database host, i.e. localhost,, etc.
  • port - Integer. Optional. The number of the database host port, internally defaults to 5432.
  • database - String. Required. The name of the database to connect to on the given server. This can be a lookup key.
  • username - String. Optional. The name of the database user. This can be a lookup key.
  • password - String. Optional. The password for the database user. This can be a lookup key.
  • default_schema_only - Boolean. Defaults to false. Do not include other schemas/databases on this server regardless of permissions given to the supplied credentials.
  • charset - String. Optional. The character set to use for this connection, internally defaults to utf8.
  • sslmode - Boolean. Optional. Enable SSL mode for this connection.
  • application_name - String. Optional. The application used to for monitoring the application with pg_stat_activity.
  • timezone - String. Optional. Set the timezone for this connection.
  • options - Object. Optional. A name-value array of driver-specific connection options.
  • attributes - Object. Optional. A key-value array of attributes to be set after connection. For further information, see
  • statements - Array of Strings. Optional. An array of additional SQL statements to run during connection initialization.


If you are receiving a 200 with an empty array being returned, it is most likely a permissions issue. Run the following query to ensure your user has appropriate privileges.

SELECT table_catalog, table_schema, table_name, privilege_type FROM information_schema.table_privileges WHERE grantee = 'YOUR_USER';