SQLite Features

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SQLite is great for a simple and easy setup and usage, but it may not be a good fit for all applications. See why here.

Common Feature Exceptions

  • No support for stored procedures or functions, therefore no access to _proc or _func resources.
  • SQLite has limited ALTER capabilities, therefore, changing table schema can not currently delete or change fields, only add new ones.
  • No support for database field expressions. If used, errors will occur from the database as unsupported syntax.


  • PHP extensions sqlite3 and pdo_sqlite are required to be installed (by default with most php installs) or compiled in.


Unlike other SQL databases, SQLite requires no database hostname or credentials, just a file location that is writable by the web server hosting the DreamFactory instance.

  • database - Database filename or full path. If a simple filename (no path) is used, the file will be created under the /storage/databases/ directory from the root of the installation if it doesn't already exist.